Emin - Devotion (2009, Original CD)
Emin - Devotion (2009, Original CD)

Emin - Devotion (2009, Original CD)

“Devotion” is a new step on EMIN’s stairway to success. The album doesn’t change the course, set by the singer’s previous albums, but that’s the natural development of the style, chosen by EMIN. It is not a style per se, but rather a continuation of traditions of bright singers of the XX century, which focused on the uniqueness of their voice, shining through any arrangement, which made others’ songs great and set standards for pop-music in general.

“Devotion” was recorded and mixed in New York. As the singer’s previous albums it was produced by Emin himself and the legendary Moscow musician Vladimir Ratzkevitch.

Track list

1. Devotion
2. Giving In
3. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
4. Tomorrow
5. Love Story
6. Beautiful Day
7. Unchained Melody
8. Goodbye
9. I Who Have Nothing
10. Do You Know
11. You Don’t Know Me
12. She
13. I Will Find The Way
14. Fuoco
15. For Old Time Sake