Emin - Still (2006, Original CD)
Emin - Still (2006, Original CD)

Emin - Still (2006, Original CD)

This CD is really unusual for contemporary Russian music. This music is highly valuable, because it has some precious gems in it – the clearly audible intonations of the 60s. In our rational and technogenic time people often want to fill their lives with raw energy and warm romance of the years when it all was just beginning. It is too hard to resist the charm of this epoch and music.

Vladimir Ratzkevitch (“Rubinovaya Ataka”, “Visokosnoye Leto”, “Tsitadel”, “Vektor”, “electric zoom”) was the sound-producer of this record.

Track list

1. Still
2. Welcome To My World
3. Up To You
4. And I Love You So
5. Without You
6. It’s Impossible
7. Feel
8. Until It’s Time For You To Go
9. It’s Over
10. Just
11. Love Letters
12. Tonight
Still (Alternative Version)