More Amor
More Amor

More Amor

CD Pre-Order (available after June 5 2015)

Touring the world over the last few years, I've noticed one thing -- whether in the Philippines, Brazil, Germany, the US or any of a dozen other places -- and that is everyone needs a little more love...MORE AMOR. Hence the title of my new album.

On this incredible musical journey I've been traveling, I've met so many amazing fans and noticed that some are fans of my current music, some are fans of my previous albums and some were eager to hear new music.

And that's how MORE AMOR came about.
The first of the new tracks, "Woman," comes all the way from Australia from singer-songwriter, Charly Williams. He sings on the track with me and I'm delighted to hear that many of my fans are now Charly fans, too. 

Another new track, "Footsteps," is written by acclaimed British songwriter and my friend, Jamie Scott, who recently scored #1 hits for One Direction, among others. 

The song "Boomerang" is written and produced by the Scandinavian hit-making team led by Tommy Gee, David Todua and Cutfather. They recent work includes albums for Kylie Minogue and Ollie Murrs. 

The last two new tracks, "Smile" and "Into the Night," I co-wrote in New York with Ali Dee and the team at Deetown Entertainment, who are also responsible for creating my international hit single "Amor" as well as "You Are Not Alone." 

Among the music from my previous CDs featured on this album are UK radio hits "Baby Get Higher," "Obvious," "Walk Through Walls," and "Anytime You Fall" as well as "Still," a song I wrote myself that kicked off my music career. 

As I've always said you're only as good as the people who surround you. 

A special thanks to my band and to my Moscow family who keeps me organized and on track -- Pasha, Artem, Denis, Roman and Yana. 

Special thanks to Alexander (Lev) Konovalov, Maya Serikova, Sasha Nikitin and Grigory Leps.

Thanks to my worldwide PR team including David Wilson, Suki Pardesi, Yulia Parado, Simon Hargreaves, Michelle O'Connor, Matt Hutt and Marina Ermoshkina.

To my manager Rob Goldstone, thank you for all the hard work and many joint accomplishments.

I'd also like to thank my music publisher Sony ATV and its legendary Chairman Marty Bandier and President Danny Strick for their support, vision and friendship. My heartfelt thanks to Warner Music Chairman Len Blavatnik and the support of the Warner/ADA team -- Stu Bergen, Mike Jbara, Randy Derebegian, Sandra Scott and Sarah Lipman for all their help and support. 

Thanks to my long time UK team including Nick Philips, Adam Hollywood and Andy Hipkiss as well as UK radio who have been so supportive of my music over the years. 

And a special thanks to Jennifer Bandier, Neil Boyarsky, Alissa Pollack and Paula Shugart. 

To my real family, there are no words to tell you how I feel about you all and how important you are to me. And especially to my two boys, my inspiration, Mika and Ali...this is for you.

And, of course, a huge thanks to you, my fans!