Emin «На краю» (Crocus City Hall)
Emin «На краю» (Crocus City Hall)

Emin «На краю» (Crocus City Hall)

CD and DVD of EMIN’s spectacular live performance in Crocus City Hall in Moscow, which took place on 11/12/2013, on the singer’s birthday and was a sold-out show.
The DVD includes 19 tracks, performed live with accompanying orchestra. 

Track list

1.     Just For One Night
2.     Serdce Byotsya (Heart Keeps Beating)
3.     Never Enought
4.     After The Thunder
5.     Miss America
6.     Not Alone
7.     Angel Bes (Angel – Demon)
8.     Still
9.     The Game
10.    Run
11.    Coming Home
12.    Sinyaya Vechnost (Blue Eternity)
13.    Amor
14.    Na Krayu (On The Edge)
15.    Ya Lucshe Vseh Zhivu (I Live Better Than Everyone Else)
16.    Son Byl Ne Pro Nas (This Dream Was Not About Us)
17.    Zvezdy Nad Moskvoy (Stars Over Moscow)
18.    Last Forever
19.    Turn It Up Loud