DVD “EMIN 35” is available to order on our website. It includes the best from the concerts 10th and 11th December in Crocus City Hall and consists of DVD and 2 CD with 25 tracks from the concerts.
On December 10th and 11th Emin delighted fans with two sold-out concerts. The artist performed his most popular songs and presented new songs from his new album "Nachistotu". During the event many big names in show business joined Emin on stage: Keti Topuria and "A-Studio" band, Svetlana Loboda, Irina Dubcova, Grigory Leps, Ani Lorak, Stas Mikhailov, Soso Pavliashvili and Australian singer Charlie Williams. 
The track-list:

1. Never Enough 
2. Serdtse B’etsya (Heart Keeps Beating)
3. After the Thunder
4. Smotrish v Nebo (Look at the Sky) / duet with Svetlana Loboda 
5. Na Krayu (On the Edge)
6. Wonder 
7. Amor (Love) / duet with А’Studio 
8. Zvezdy Nad Moskvoi (Stars Above Moscow)
9. Angel Bec (Angel Demon) 
10. Still
11. Just for One Night 
12. Coming Home 
13. Rock and Roll Medley
14. Woman / duet with Charly Williams 
15. Zovi Menya (Call Me) / duet with Ani Lorak 
16. Berega (Coast)/ duet with Stas Mikhaylov
17. Kayus (I Confess) / duet with Soso Pavliashvili
18. Ya Luchshe Vsekh Zhivu (I Live Better than Everyone) 
19. Nachistotu (Frankly)
20. Privet, Zemlya (Hello Earth!) / duet with Grigory Leps 
21. You Are So Beautiful/Unchained Melody
22. Sinyaya Vechnost (Blue Eternity)/ virtual duet with Muslim Magomayev 
23. Run
24. A Little Less Conversation
25. Turn It Up Loud